Impact Buying Behaviour with Promotional Offers & Rewards

Preset card controls give you the power to drive spending.

Promotional Offers & Rewards

Drive traffic and motivate spending.

Consumers are motivated to spend with preloaded cards that feature a defined expiration date and qualifying spending amount or undisclosed “mystery” value.

Promotional offers and rewards give you the control to drive traffic, boost urgency and increase sales. Together, we set those controls. And our experts work with you to review consumer data and research best practices specific to your industry or sector.

is the average redemption rate for our promotional cards compared to an average of 1%–7% for paper coupons


Put gift cards to work for your brand.


Gift card promotions are preferred by 45% of consumers over email or text offers, loyalty programmes and paper vouchers.

Consumers place a higher perceived value on a promotional gift card than any other incentive-based offer.


Incentive-based offers increase gift card sales by an average of 24%, create impulse buys, and change planned shopping behaviour.

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